Speak Your Mind
Voices to the Editor
A recorded format that will allow KCLW listeners to speak-out over the radio about whatever is on their minds
and hearts.  Much like letters to the editor.

All messages left for the program will be edited for Content, Quality, subject matter, as well as demeanor and
tone.  It is in the sole discretion of KCLW personnel as to what is allowed to be aired on KCLW.   KCLW does
not guarantee that any messages left will be aired.  

One.  Organize your thoughts
Two.  Write down what you want to say
KCLW anytime and leave your message and please say that your message is for the
"speak your mind" program ON kclw.  If you do not say that "this is for the speak your mind program" then your
WILL NOT be aired.  You must leave your first and last name.  Messages left without a name WILL
be aired.  Messages must not be more than 2 minutes, and all messages that go over two minutes will be
cut short.    This is not the Trading Post, nor can one leave announcements, and this is not a format to say
anything about KCLW.   If you have comments about KCLW just leave your message on the machine during
business hours, they will not be aired on the speak your mind program.  
Speak Your Mind will be aired at  9am Thursdays and re-played at 9am m-f during the week.  All messages
must be left by 12 noon Wednesday.  Messages left after 12noon Thursday will not be aired until the following
Thursday.  Remember your message will be aired every morning at 9am up until Wednesday.  New messages
will be aired starting Thursdays.  

This is a sample message.
Speak clearly

"Hi may name is *******.  And this is for the speak your mind program on kclw.  I think Hamilton is a great place
to live but I wish they would fix the roads.  Thank you."   Then hang up.